Family Court Reports

At the NPCC we recognise the important role that family reports play in the overall process of finding good outcomes for families proceeding though the Federal Circuit Court and Family Law Courts. Our assessments are focused in the best interest of the children whilst understanding the stress and sense of loss experienced by families. We aim to find practical solutions for families that provide stability and safety moving forward.

what to expect

Family Report is an independent assessment prepared by our specialist report writer who collectively have extensive experience assisting families following separation. The aim of the assessment is to examine the issues pertinent to your child/ren and their care over the longer-term. This includes factors that impact on your child/ren’s development and wellbeing, such as their relationship with each parent and the capacity of each adult to attend to the child/ren’s future needs. The assessment also considers potential risk factors, including matters where there are concerns in relation to family violence, mental health, substance use and/or sexual abuse. Specific recommendations grounded in behavioural science are provided to assist in making decisions about the future care arrangements and needs of your child/ren, often assisting in parents reaching agreement and avoiding further litigation. 

The family consultant will conduct interviews and observation sessions in one day. They will have individual interviews with you and the other party. Your child/ren will be seen separately from any adults (except in special circumstances). The child/ren will be given an opportunity to express their views and wishes. The family consultant may also observe the interaction between the child/ren and each parent in separate observation sessions.  You may be required to bring someone who can look after the child/ren for you.

Family Reports are written in accordance with the Australian Standards of Practice for Family Assessments and Reporting (2015)

Reports take around three weeks and range from $5,000.00.

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Emergency Contacts

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800

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Mensline: 1800 78 99 78

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